Pursuing a Software Career via Capital One Developer Academy

Wed Jun 29 2022

Hi, I'm Leira! I'm a software engineer in Capital One's Technology Development Program. I joined Capital One through CODA - Capital One Developer Academy. While CODA is a six-month software engineering program, this isn't your average bootcamp. CODA associates are full-time Capital One employees that are expected to master full-stack development principles. This program is aimed at ramping up the coding skills of recent STEM grads who have an interest, but not a background, in software engineering. With my mechanical engineering degree and strong interest in coding, I was a perfect match for CODA!

From Automobiles to Software

All I ever wanted to do since I was 13 years old was to become an automotive engineer. In school, I was part of the Solar Car and Baja (an all-terrain vehicle) projects from the Society of Automotive Engineers. I had the opportunity to work at two large automakers where I did engine calibration, body engineering, and research & development. Now, I have a patent-pending for a method of manufacturing thermoplastic filament.

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— Leira

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Leira looking smart


Mechanical Engineer turned Software Engineer. Previously at Capital One, Welcome, and Jam.